How long in advance can we process DH contract?



Posted by kellykann_1 24 mths ago

I am looking to hire a new helper who will finish her contract on 10th april.
I would like to sign asap as I want to make sure I don't need to start looking for a helper again at the latest minute if she decides to change her mind.
However, she told me that we need to wait the end of her contract.
Basically she will go to philipines for holidays from early april to 10th april, and her contract will finish on 10th april. She said that the Philippines consulate told her that she needs to wait to be back to process the new contract, otherwise if she processes it early it will be considered like if she terminates her current contract and will not be able to go back to Philippines.
I've tried to check on philipinnes consulate but didn't find the information. Does anyone have experience with this situation before ? I was thinking it should be possible to process the contract but with a start date after her current contract end, like 11th or 12th april..
If anyone has any inputs, please let me know.

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