Philliphines Counsulate Watch list interview

Posted by rohin453 2 yrs ago

Need some urgent advice.. I am an employer and had a situation with my Filipino DH almost 2 yrs back which ended up with a police case and finally settled offline.

Now when I am looking for a replacement which is a Filipino DH, I found out there will be an interview with PH consulate since I am on a watch list potentially reported by my previous DH.

Read online and there is a difference between watch list and blacklist. What should I expect in my interview and what are my chances frankly to make through.

I am right in middle with my current helper due to leave on her own terms in few weeks and the new one stuck due to this watch list flagging. Working parents and expats...

Appreciate any advice.


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bananaq 2 yrs ago
You can look for Indonesian, Sri Lankan and believed Cambodians DH in HK if you have problem with Filipino DH.

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