DH sick leave



Posted by Roper 16 mths ago
Hi everyone,

I apologize if this has been asked before but would really like to hear your views on this.

A number of agents, have said that it is ok to deduct the DH's daily wage(s), let's say, if DH is sick for 1 day. My understanding is "paid sick leave of 2 days per month in the first year" - according to the Labour Ordinance (my DH has been here for 7 months only).

which one is it? anyone had experience on this?

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bananaq 16 mths ago
Its common sense everybody got sick. I believed your humane so you need to send your DH to the hospital if she is sick and if the doctor says your DH need a rest then so be it. Those agents telling you to deduct the daily wage whenever your DH is sick are slaves owner. I feel sick on this people.

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