Helper getting on my nerves..

Posted by leilazak04 20 mths ago
First of all, I'm 12. Yeah, I know—I'm young. I just need to vent a little.

My family has employed a domestic helper and she's been with us for a little over 4 years. Most of the time she's fine, but we always get into petty arguments over matters that I honestly couldn't care less about. For instance, around 30 minutes before I started writing this, she burped loudly in my bedroom.
I expressed joking/affectionate irritance, and she called me too 'controlling'. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, she isn't FLUENT in English. Therefore, I explained the meaning of the word control to her. She mocked me and called me annoying under her breath.

Another example is that whenever I get home from school, I put my shoes next to the shoe rack. She always wants me to put my shoes neatly underneath the rack, which I often forget to do. She gets mad and tells me in a harsh tone to put my shoes away and refuses to just do it herself, she even threatens to tell my parents (my parents get extremely angry very easily, and she often tells them a completely distorted story from what is true, making me seem like a bad person).
Now, I'm perfectly aware that it's my own fault for not putting away my shoes, but I mean—come on! At least be a decent human being about it.

These are only two of the seemingly hundreds of little 'arguments' we get into.

I try to express my thoughts to my parents but they always take her side. They think she's an angel who can do no wrong. I've tried to record video/audio evidence to prove my points, but she states that it's "against the law" to film somebody without their permission. This might be true, but she gets PAID to HELP—and she seems to do nothing but get in the way and dampen my mood.

When my parents are around, she does her best to be sweet and talks to me in a kind tone, but that's not the case when we're alone. Since my parents both are busy with their jobs, we're almost always alone in the house (except at night).

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COMMENTS 17 mths ago
depends how is your relationship.. I don' t think the helper who works for the wealth family would dare to talk to u that way, or commend you do stuff in certain way. Sound like she knows how to please the one who pay her.

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