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Posted by KINNA1979 12 mths ago
I am hiring a DFH for the first time. We managed to find a DFH that we really like and she wants to break her contract due to being asked to do more than what's required in her contract. We are about to kick start the paper process however she has informed me that this will be her third terminated/break contract since 2016. Specifically:

1. terminated contract in 2016 due to employer financial difficulties;
2. terminated contract in 12/2017 due to disagreement with second helper
3. break contract in 5/2019 (this break contract with be to work for me).

I am worried that she has a record of terminated contracts with the immigration department. In particular, this will be her third terminated/break contract therefore if there a possibility that the immigration department won't give her the visa? In addition, if her visa gets refused that means i would lose out on the $8000HKD i would use to pay to the agency for processing the papers?

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