unethical helper agency problem

Posted by TerryQS 16 mths ago
Dear all

Last December, I paid HKD 12000 to a helper agency to hire an Indonesia helper with Singapore experience. the contract and helper forms are filled, I also received receipt for my payment for agency fee.

Then the nightmare started, the agency stopped to answer any calls or whatapp messages regarding my question about the helper status, then I ask my neighbor who recommended this agency to talk to this agency lady, this agency then arranged a pretty bad helper alternative for us to choose. because we did pay high price for a good helper, we turn that down.

Now it is almost May now, this agency again refuse to answer any call or messages, refuse to give any information about the status of the helper what we initially want to hire.

We are really upset with this agency since my ailing mother who has late stage breast cancer really need helper. and we talked to our neighbor about this agency, my neighbor said the agency is not her problem. pls take action if you must

would like to seek you advice on how we can sue this agency and get our money back, also appreciate recommendation of reliable agency with good service.

Thank you

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sunshine929 16 mths ago
I am sorry for what you are going through.

Make sure you keep all whatsapp messages.

Suing will cost you even more time and lawyer's fee and giving statements, you really don't want that especially if you are cariing for your mother. Your lawyer's fees will be more than $12K

You can get part time professional help at some agencies like bamboo nursing (I have used them before). You can hire the health workers which are reasonable hourly rates or quality health care assistants.

After reading what you wrote, I would ask for a refund and not trust anything that this agency sends you.

First, find temporary care for your mother so that she is taken care of.

Make sure you write an official letter to them detailing all of their refusals and post it to them registered mail so that they have to sign for it. Then they cannot turn round and say you never asked them for a refund within 5 days. You have to be reasonable. After you send the letter (make sure you have a copy), and go visit them on a sunday with a copy and ask for your money back.
Visit them on a sunday (their busiest day for making money) and ask for your money back. Make sure you send copy of letter to immigration department regarding this along with the employment contract department and write that on the c.c. It might well be that the helper you signed has now been assigned to someone else.

If I were you, I would also visit immigration department about your application. You might find out that it was never even submitted !

It will take several months to find a helper so you still need to find temporary care first.

PM me and I can recommend a good agency. He's a one man band agency but he's good at paperwork and always keeps me informed.

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