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Posted by purin98 8 mths ago
I am a single lady but super busy - all ways on the fly - executive. As just work schedule is too demanding, I am actively looking for advice on how to find a good part-time personal assistant who can help with household administrative tasks, my personal admin, personal flights, doctor appointment, my petcare arrangements, booking appointments, running errands.
I am not looking domestic helper, cause I have a helper for cleaning the house, but rather someone who has some experience with secretarial and/or personal assistant work and is able to work for an hourly rate plus can be trustworthy speaking English very well. I can also consider monthly salary pay. Any suggestions on how to find this kind of support would be appreciated.


keegan0118 8 mths ago

My name is Todd and I've been in Hong Kong for about a year and a half from the States. Originally I came here with my 7yr old son to join my wife and be a stay at home dad. I ended up getting stir crazy as I have been working in some sort of capacity since I was 12. We were walking back to Happy Valley from Victoria park when I came across an American furniture store in Causeway Bay. Since sales has been my primary career, (although I spent 3 years as a compliance analyst for a medical ins company) the transition was seamless. Anyhow, I'm looking for a change of scene and would love to discuss in greater detail how I might be of value to you.

Please feel free to whatsapp me anytime @ 9144 5143, thanks I look forward to hearing from you, cheers!

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