Indonesia Helper Dies After Brutal Abuse



Posted by Ed 8 mths ago
Jakarta, Indonesia - Malaysia's attorney general office has assured Indonesia's government that it will appeal a recent court decision to acquit a Malaysian employer after her Indonesian domestic worker died from physical abuse in February 2018.

Ambika MA Shan, 61, was cleared of murder charges over the death 21-year-old Adelina Sau by the Penang Island High Court on April 22.

Sau died from organ failure the day after being rescued with the assistance of Tenaganita, a migrant workers' protection group.

The organ failure was caused by acute malnutrition and untreated infected wounds, while the autopsy report also showed that Sau had a swollen face, acid burns and dog-bite marks at the time of her death.

Tenaganita told Al Jazeera that Sau was terrified to even tell the police about her experience when she was rescued.

They believe she had been abused for more than a month by her employers, who made her sleep outside the house with their pet Rottweiler.


bananaq 8 mths ago
i just dont understand why people do this to its own kind. sometimes dogs are taken care better than the helper. so sad.

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