New passport but visa is in the old passport



Posted by elshamaureen 9 mths ago
Good day!I went to immigration today to transfer my visa to my new passport.I am just confuse now because i will travel on June 2019.However,the information told me that there’s no need to transfer the visa.Just carry the the old and new passport if i will travel.My visa will expire on September 26,2019.My old passport will expire on October 26,2019.Can you give me a confirmation about my situation?is it still ok to travel?im a domestic helper here in HK.Thank you


bananaq 9 mths ago
yes just carry the old passport. it happens especially if you got a US visa of 10yrs and your passport expiration is 5yrs. My concern is some country dont accept travle if your passport expiration is less than 6 months.

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