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Posted by China11 19 mths ago
So my friend's mom used to work in HK.
Her friends asked her to get a loan for them but by the time that they have to payback, her friends ran away. Someone received a message at facebook from a guy, a legal assistant in HK(says on his FB account) and a collection agent(also says on his fb), saying that she needs to pay up her debt or they're going to make legal actions or whatever.
The thing is, the person who received this message was my friend's cousin. Who was just asking/borrowing money to them last week. They don't know what to do. So any advice will do. I'll include the message that they received below.

"Good day! Please inform (Mom's name) that this will be our last and final ultimatum regarding her Personal Loan Obligation in HONG KONG. If we do not receive her payment and response within this month, we will now proceed to appropriate legal actions against her.
In which event, she may be held liable not only for the principle amount but also for damages, related to the litigation expenses and cost of suit. If a court order will be issued in HK DISTRICT COURT, we will have the judgement enforced in the Philippines through a petition for Enforcement of Foreign Judgement."

And the rest is just the name and contact number of the attorney. The lawyer is from the Philippines.

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