Posted by jhen0220 13 mths ago
A domestic helper in HK was brought to Canada by her employers for Summer, but her employers are already relocating back to Canada already.

The situation of the helper in Canada is not good due to emotional stress caused by her madam so she decided to go back to HK.

Upon hearing this, the employers asked her to write a letter of break contract and told her they will not send her to HK but they will send her directly back to Philippines. And they are asking the helper to write termination notice plus pay 1 month lieu. Can anyone please tell me if this is right?

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bananaq 13 mths ago
actually it was illegal. go directly to the Philippine consulate and ask them. they are the right people for this issue.

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Ed 13 mths ago
Here's the number 2823 8500
You may also check this Hong Kong government website for further info. 

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Ed 13 mths ago
I have also bounced this off of our DH Team and they have come back with the following:

The question is quite complicated as the helper shouldn’t have followed her employer to Canada if they were already relocating at that time.

In this case the helper should report to Hong Kong Immigration and explain what happened.

It looks like the employer hasn’t sent any termination form “declaring their relocation” as they were still asking for the helper to write a break contract letter and providing for one month salary in lieu of the notice.

Immigration will be the one to decide on what will happen to her working visa.

Hope that helps! 

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