Helper not ready to sign the settlement form after termination



Posted by PFiona 3 mths ago
Hi All,
We had to let go of our helper because she used to smoke in our house and we have a small baby in the house.
and then she used to lie about it.
We have terminated her and in the termination letter we have provided the same reason of her smoking and lying. She is refusing to sign the settlement asking to give another termination letter without any reason for termination.
Also, she is not ready to take the tickets back to Philippines but wants money.
Please help how to manage this situation.



Ed 3 mths ago
I've passed this to Thessa who manages our DH section and here's her response:

Our take on this is, if the employer will declare the helper’s termination reason as indicated above, the helper may have difficulty coming back to HK for work or worse she may be refused entry altogether.

The reason for termination is always optional, meaning the employer can always leave it blank, but in this situation it is up to the employer whether they want to put positive or negative reason. We hope that the employer may consider many factors including the helper’s career.

As we cannot comment on the actual situation not having detailed information of the incident this is what we would advise.


Regarding the ticket, employers must book the flight 14 days from the termination date and most likely the employer didn’t so the helper now is asking for money in lieu of the ticket so she will be able to maximize her 14 days in HK to look for another employer.  Again on the employer’s letter below, she did not specify the reason why the helper is not accepting the air ticket.

Hope this helps.
You can also ring Thessa to discuss further  9311-5905 whatsapp or 3468-2051 landline

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