Are HK Domestic Helpers Not Paid Enough?

Posted by Ed 8 mths ago
On Sunday it was asserted by an organization that represents domestic helpers in HK that the helpers and drivers are not getting a fare deal with respect to compensation paid to them by their HK employers. 
Apparently, many DH's in HK are having to resort to paying for food and return flights to their countries of origin.    Contractually employers in Hong Kong are supposed to be covering these expenses for their maids and drivers.

The Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Unions carried out an extensive poll of over 30 helpers and drivers who had been involved in claims against their employers at the HK Labour Tribunal in recent years.     The helpers were trying to recoup over HKD25,000 in total.
Considering domestic helpers in Hong Kong are some of the lowest paid workers in HK, this is distressing to see employers taking advantage of them and forcing them to pay for items that are the responsibility of the employers.   
Most of these helpers struggle to support families who are often living in poverty in places like the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka and unscrupulous employers are effectively in some instances actually taking food out of the mouths of helpers' children.
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