Philippines Stopping Helpers from Returning to HK



Posted by Ed 47 days ago
AsiaXPAT (Hong Kong) - Because of the coronavirus, the Philippine government has recently implemented a ban on all travel to Hong Kong, China and Macau and this has prevented large numbers of domestic helpers from returning to their jobs in Hong Kong. 
In many families in Hong Kong, both the husband and wife work full time jobs so rely on their domestic helpers to provide childcare.  With schools closed in HK indefinitely, this creates a tremendous burden as parents need to scramble to organize alternative supervision for their children.
The Philippine government indicates it will review the travel ban in two weeks.
One AsiaXPAT staff member visited the Philippines over Chinese New Year and she was prevented from returning to work.  Her workaround was to instead fly to Malaysia then onwards to Hong Kong.
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Ed 46 days ago
BREAKING :  Philippine Government to Allow Domestic Helpers to Return to HK
The Philippine government has exempted HK Work Visa Holders from their travel ban.  Helpers working in Macau will also be allowed to return to work.
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