Questions regarding hiring new helper!

Posted by Laura84 18 days ago

I have just found a helper in Hong Kong (finished contract). This is my first time hiring a helper and I have a few questions. I would be grateful to get some answers on these:)

- Helpers with a finished contract are required to return to their place of origin before starting a new contract. This can be delayed for a year because of the Covid situation. However, who pays for the flights and stay in their place of origin? As I understand it it is the previous employer who should pay for the flights and stay, and I am only required to pay for the flight back to Hong Kong. However, given that the previous employer is leaving HK this could represent a problem. How do I solve this problem? Shall I try to keep a fee from their previous employer?

- I understand that the visa processing can take up to 6 weeks. Where does the helper live while the visa is processing, and who pays for the accommodation and food?


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mikaelo 14 days ago
Hi Laura,
My name is Thessa and I am a Consultant at Asiaxpat domestic helper employment agency. 
You are correct that domestic helpers nowadays are not being mandated to exit HK due to the pandemic and HK Immigration understands the situation therefore helpers just needs to report to the HK Immigration to inform them that he/she is unable to exit and they must defer their home leave.
previous employer must pay the helper's air ticket (usually in cash as helpers are unable to exit) since the employer is leaving HK, they must pay all settlement of fees upon termination of contract and you as the new employer must provide 1 round trip ticket to the helper within the 2 years new contract.  
normally, helpers stay in a boarding house while they wait for their new visa with the new employer and they pay for their own accommodation and food.
if you have further inquiries or need help in processing the helper's working Visa and employment contract, please feel free to call or whatsapp me at 9311-5905 and I am happy to help you.  

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