Hired new helper, what happens to current?

Posted by TheBeagleO 22 days ago
We hired a new helper from overseas and will be working for us in 3 weeks (after quarantine).

We are breaking the contract with our current helper.


When does the "timer" start for our old helper to start finding a way home or new employer? Does it start when we give her the date on the termination notice.....or does it start when our new helper gets her Visa stamped? I dont think we can have 2 helpers at once, so I figure when one comes in, the other is getting let go in Immigrations eyes?


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thessakwok 18 days ago
your existing helper has 14days limit from the termination date to stay in HK, some domestic helpers starts to look for new employers within the 30days termination notice given to them (if employer provides 30days notice before termination) and some just have to find one within the 14days (if they're terminated by employers on the spot or without 30days notice).
if you or anyone you know need assistance with domestic helper concerns, processing, documentation etc, you may whatsapp message me at 93115905 Thessa

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