My maid secretly goes out at night



Posted by hkmomof3 13 yrs ago
I didn't know this until recently I found a cab receipt in her room...stating a ride from 4:50am to 5:09am. I was in shock. Also the night shift guard confirmed that a maid was often seen coming in around 5am in a taxi--cab ride of about 50 dollars. I hired her for about 4 months now and I was in shock! She usually finishes work around 8pm and I never go into her room after that...and she usually is good about starting work around 6:30. The unfortunate thing about our apt is that from the maid's room, there is a back door that leads to the outside. Littlel did i know my maid was secretly working at night!

After I found out, I asked her, "someone saw you coming in at 5am, is this true?" she denied it...saying she loves working here and would never do such a thing...showing tears that I should trust her. So i didn't ask about the cab receipt and wanted to believe maybe the time written was a mistake...anyway, for months, i've been missing a few things here and there (i.e. my jeans, bag, kid's clothes, etc) so when i realized she is not being honest i went into her room to do a "light search". I found a bunch of my kids' stuff & my stuff...but i think most of the things she took she already took out in the middle of the night...

the shocking thing was i found really nasty langerie and big earrings and items that you would only see a call girl wear...stuff she never wears during work...and also found a notebook stating the money she made each week at clubs and parties. i was in SHOCK! i was disgusted that this woman who has a husband and child back in Indoneisia is a maid by day and a prostitue? by night.

When i confronted her again saying i have proof that you went out, she admitted...and when asked about the stuff that was not hers in her room, she said my daughter brought it in (FYI my daughter never goes into her get there you actually have to go outside the kitchen door to the garden area and go inside another door...but even is she did, that does'nt give her the right to keep it in her room. she should bring it back out. also, i've caught her doing men's laundry in my house and sneaking dry food that is not hers. I pay her well plus when the Indoneisian earthquake hit, i gave her a big bonus to send to her family. i feel betrayed and stabbed in the back. i had to tell her to pack her bags.

after this horrible experience, i don't know how i can trust another maid again. she was a hard working, quiet type--later turned out to be a VERY GOODO lier. I heard there are many that work at clubs in Wanchi at night...becareful!

I have three little kids but would rather have part time help than a full time maid...i don't know why some of these maids act so low class and do such a thing. shame shame shame. i am afraid people like my maid will go and lie about the reason of her termination and find a job's pretty scary to think about it.


kooni 13 yrs ago
Absolutely disgusting. We all live and learn. Change the locks and never let her near you or your family again. I can see how it might be difficult to ever hire someone again, but if you need help(especially with three children), you have to keep your head up and put your best foot forward. Don't let her sleeziness control YOUR future! If you fall off the horse, you gotta hop right back on. Best of luck to you. There are good people out there. Just make sure you are 100% with the next one and make the reference call.

Burgundy 13 yrs ago
Shocking, but not uncommon.

ritad 13 yrs ago
hi,,,burgundy,,i think you should hire part time or someone from sri lanka or indian...i think it is safer....not to pick or choose i would so so scared after this just never know...maybe findsomeone who is really really religious or someone like that...wo knows...

ritad 13 yrs ago
but when it comes to children involved then it is not only her life....she can pass something on to the children...who knows what....

Snow Rose 13 yrs ago
This story just puts everything in perspective for me. I've had soem pretty tough times myself, but nothing like this.

I really hope you got all the necessary proof / evidence before she left in case she does make a complaint.

Yes, helpers have the right to do as they please in their free time, but what they choose determines whether or not they are suitable for their job. Character is definitely a job requirement.

It's just like, I have the right to be rubbish at maths (which I am) but I have to accept that that makes me unsuitable for