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POSTED BY mcc2007 (10 yrs ago)
Does anyone know where I can book a one way airplane ticket/voucher for my helper to come from Philippines to Hong Kong.

Please provide some advice. Thank you.



beancurd (10 yrs ago)
YOU CAN BUY ONLINE using your credit card AT

You can buy one way and very cheap price if non peak season. Print it and if your helper has e-mail address, you can just forward to her or fax to her.

The earlier you book and pay, the cheaper it is. We booked and paid for our ticket for the coming Christmas and it cost us only for about HK1,800.00 for two, inc. travel tax.

abby78 (10 yrs ago)
the voucher is different, you need to buy an open ticket which you can't buy online through the Cebu airline website, you have to go buy from the travel agency. We bought ours at the travel agency at the united centre (where the Philippine consulate is)

but if she already get the visa approved and have a definite time, the beancurd's advice is good.

mcc2007 (10 yrs ago)
Hi Beancurd and Abby,

Thank you both for the reply. I think I need to get a voucher since I need to provide it to show the Philippine consulate before applying for helper's VISA. Abby, do you have any idea about how much the one way vouche will cost? The Cebu airline's rate is very cheap, I could not believe it. Is the voucher about the same price if it is through the same airline? I don't know cebu airline at all, is it a good one? I would like to have my helper feel comfortable about coming to Hong Kong since the moment she goes on the plane.

beancurd (10 yrs ago)
Actually, Cebu Pacific ticket is cheap but there is no food provided. If you have to rebook, you have to pay about HK$250/transaction and sometimes + fare difference if busy season. I never had problem with Cebu Pacific so far but when my daughter and family left for Phils from Hk last Feb 14, 2008, the night flight was delayed and waited for almost 4 hours and it is not busy and they only paid about HK$1870.00 (2 adults +7-month old baby)

If you like good service, try PAL and Cathay. Delay is out of control. Any airline if have problem, can delay the flight.

abby78 (10 yrs ago)
for what I remember I paid 1,300$Hk for the voucher, its Cathay pacific. Thats was 2 years ago. Its a bit more expensive because its an open ticket, I bought it there at the united Centre, because I was at the Philippines consulate when they require me to get one, I just went down and buy it there.

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