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POSTED BY xmauix (9 yrs ago)
Hi Everyone,

I found an Indonesian Helper on the Domestic Helper section via Asiaxpat. I called her and I feel like hiring her.

However, she told me that she paid an agency about 1K something and the agency says that she cannot process her papers by herself. Is it true?

Since she finished her contract, I'm thinking of just doing the paper works myself but from what she said, it seems that it's difficult to process an Indonesian helper's visa if only the helper or the employer or even both are doing the application.

She said that's the reason why she paid the agency half and when she finds an employer, the employer has to go to that agency and pay the other half.

I don't think it's fair for Indonesian helpers if this is true. Also, the agency is obviously taking advantage of her. I explained to her that for the money that she paid the agency, it should help her find an employer who in return will have to pay the agency.

Please let me know if you had similar sitiutaion like mine or know something about this matter.



evildeeds (9 yrs ago)
Actually you can refer top many other threads on this issue. All Indonesian FDH must have their contracts processed through a consulate approved agency. What does this mean, well it means a lot of dirty money being passed around from unscrupulous agencies and an even more unscrupulous consulate.

In other words, you cannot do it yourself.

xmauix (9 yrs ago)
Arrggh! so it's true. It's unfair for Indonesian helpers. Thanks evil deeds :)

Ed (9 yrs ago)
The Hong Kong government is aware of this but they refuse to do anything about it - as the ICAC puts it - if the prosecute the people responsible they claim diplomatic immunity, are send home and replace with more of the same...

If the govt cared they definitely could put a stop to this by threatening the consulate with a total ban on Indonesian helpers into Hong Kong. But of course, what can you expect out of government that will not pass an anti racism bill - they cannot of course be bothered by this slave trade that is being run in front of their noses.

Btw - we tried to apply for a license to process Indonesian helpers who are finished contracts in Hong Kong and are looking for new employers... (we'd of course charge the helpers nothing) - we were sent a letter indicating the Indonesian consulate was no longer accepting new agencies.

Funny thing the Hong Kong labour department - when we obtained our agency license we had a very hard time with them - they went through our site in great detail and questioned us at length over our policy of not charging the helpers when we place them... perhaps instead of harassing us over a policy that helps the helpers perhaps they might focus their petty bureaucracy on things that matter.

xmauix (9 yrs ago)
Oh, that's awful. Not accepting new agencies? So Indo Consulate just have agencies that CHARGE helpers.

It's not a fair game here. It's definitely descrimination. And yes you're right Ed, why do they make a fuss about Asiaxpat not charging helpers when it HELPS helpers? Geez, I just don't understand HK gov't sometimes!

Ed (9 yrs ago)
To compound this unfair situation - we found that an approved agency for Indonesian helpers had put our logo onto a flyer that they were handing out in Causeway Bay - they were directing the helpers to the AX office in Causeway Bay (we have no office in CWB...) charging them HKD500+ to help them get an expat employer - then they would post the helpers ad on our site and pocket the difference!!!!

We had to call them twice and threaten legal action before they finally got the message - the women running this scam was later convicted of some other criminal activity and I believe she was jailed (there was a report in one of the papers that caters to domestic helpers about this...).

If at all possible hire your domestic helper direct - if you need an agency please use Evelyn in our office - if hiring an Indonesian domestic helper make sure the agency knows you are aware of the fees and that will make it more likely that your helper gets charged the lowest possible fee - i think if you hire the maid direct and you involve an agency just to process the papers the cost will be as low as 3k... if the agency finds the helper for you I have heard of the helper being charged 18k or more... 12k seems to be the low end...

xmauix (9 yrs ago)
charging them HKD500+ to help them get an expat employer - then they would post the helpers ad on our site and pocket the difference!!!!

--- what a nerve to do such thing :O

Oh yes, I'd definitely contact Evelyn if I end up hiring a Filipino helper and don't have the time and energy to do it myself : / Too bad you don't do Indonesian if ever I end up hiring one.

I found the Indonesian helper here on your site. I called the Indonesian helper and told her that she has to make sure she gets her money back if she finds an employer via Asiaxpat.

The agency is charging her 3K to find her an employer. Now, if she's the one to find an employer herself, it's a different thing. What she told me was the agency "insist" that she uses their service (of course, so they can take her 3K and get probably another 3K from the employer).

What a wicked world! No, I mean, what a wicked Hong Kong :D

dasknip (9 yrs ago)
What I find outrageous is that the HK government insists on notarised/authorised contracts (i.e. stamped by the Indonesian consulate). As far as I can see this is the root cause of the problem.

For a regular employment visas (like mine & those of most expats) HK does not require a notarised contract, so why on earth does HK require it for foreign domestic helpers? Although the Indonesian consulate are thieves, they have been given that opportunity by the government.

Ed, do you know why the HK government insists on notarised contracts?

Ed (9 yrs ago)
Not sure but it is probably related to the fact that the HK government refuses to pass anti-racism laws... could it be they just don't care that slave trade is happening under their noses and with their consent?

dasknip (9 yrs ago)
Ed, I think you're right. Clearly, they really don't care and are doing nothing to stop this. It really is an outrage.

punter (9 yrs ago)
Simple reason/s:

1. They want the contracts to be "enforceable" against bad employers. Many employers don't pay the right minimum salary. However, that's still true even with a notarized contract.

2. Consulates want to earn money.

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