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POSTED BY michtan (8 yrs ago)
I'm considering to get a stay out helper. Is getting a stay out DH difficult? Anyone can advise me what are the additional charges compare to a live in?


axptguy38 (8 yrs ago)
For starters, it is illegal to have a Foreign Domestic Helper stay out. If you can find someone with permanent residency or citizenship, it is legal.

If you want to go with the illegal route, I don't think it's that hard. My guess is you should pay the boarding house. But I repeat that it is illegal.

michtan (8 yrs ago)
Sorry, i don't really understand! You mean those DH working 9-5pm putting up in the boarding house is illegal? I thought we can apply for a new DH to stay out instead of live in!

punter (8 yrs ago)
Yeah, as I understand it, the Immigration Department can approve a "stay out" arrangement. When it's approved by Imm Dept, it must be legal.

axptguy38 (8 yrs ago)
michtan, yes a lot of those DH staying in boarding houses are breaking their visa conditions.

punter is correct, of course. The Immigration Department can approve a "stay out" living arrangement. But it is apparently exceedingly difficult. Unless you live in a tiny apartment, it's live in.

cara (8 yrs ago)
there was a time, prior to 2001 or 2003, that it was possible to ask permission from immigration to employ someone live-out. that all changed many years ago. the exception is if you employed a live-out helper at that time and have continuously employed a live-out helper.

i cannot think of any way you would be granted permission for a live-out helper. even complaining to immig that your flat is too small. tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of local families employ helpers. many of these families live in gov't housing, 3 adults plus children in little over 200-300'.... so an expat in a flat of 1000' is unlikely to be granted live-out permission... do you see where this is going...

michtan (8 yrs ago)
Looks like i have to consider a legal part time helper instead of applying for a 2nd DH. Any ideal if there is any agency that provide such services?

housed (8 yrs ago)
I heard that if you were able to find one of these helpers that were approved to live-out prior to 2001 (as cara says) and who has continued to remain working in HK since that time, then they are considered "legal stayout DH". Is this true?

cara (8 yrs ago)
NOPE, it is tied to the employer NOT to the helper.

michtan (8 yrs ago)
Where can i find legal help if there is no angency?

WWcC (8 yrs ago)
Let me advise you that a LIVE-OUT helper is a bad, bad idea. Apart from the obvious reason being illegal, all is well with the live-out helper until you've signed the contract and she works for you and lives out. Then one day she does not turn up for work, then what?? You call her and tell her to come to work, she says no and you say you're fired and she'll say, I'm going to report you to Immigration for MAKING me live out. You are screwed regardless of the fact that she WANTED To live out. Take it from me, don't agree to live out, regardless of how nice they are at first, things can and do go wrong and employer will always be in the wrong. FDH has you for it as you signed the contract to say she was living in. Dont do it!

Irishspring (8 yrs ago)
LIVE-Out helpers are illegal. I have hired a helper before and the immigration even asked me to draw the floor plan of the house (as we lived in a 3 storey building). So if you really want to hire a helper you have to make sure that she has her own room. In some cases, helper share a room with baby and aged person (that is stated in the contract).

If you really want to hire a room for your helper, you might as well consider to take the risk as it is illegal. There are consequences. The rate of rooms depends on the location. In our area is cheap, only $600 per room. (Yuen Long area)

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