How much are boarding houses in Macau



POSTED BY swimordie (7 yrs ago)
HI wondering how much boarding houses are in Macau. I think my future DH will have to exit there and stay a few days, trying to figure out where they stay and how much that would be. Anyone know?


sisly (7 yrs ago)
There are different rates they offer in macau for a boarding house, either in bed space or a room, with meal or without. bed space is hkd25 per day but they are at least 4 or 5 person in one room. If your DH need a room, they charge 500 a week without meal. I will pm you the contact person so you can inquire by yourself.

Cecilleruth (4 yrs ago)
Sisly can you help me find a room for my dh???please if you know anything can you help me...thank you

ccck (4 yrs ago)
Hi Sisly

Can you please share more information with me, such as price of the boarding house, contact person, etc.

Thank you.

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