Helper terminates contract



POSTED BY Bodds (6 yrs ago)
If a helper terminates the contract I understand the position is:

1. They must give 1 month's notice and be paid for that month of work.

2. They can leave immediately however must pay one months wages to the employer.

Can someone advise how soon the helper can sign a new contract / start processing a new contract following 1 / 2.


cara (6 yrs ago)
they can sign a new contract immediately, BUT they cannot start work until they have a new visa approved. i also believe they MUST return to their home country during processing.

Enohpi (6 yrs ago)
Some maids go to MAcau and wait for their visa approved, its cheaper for them than going back to Philippines..

beancurd (6 yrs ago)
If she found a new employer, she can immediately sign the contract and she has to exit Hong Kong. Yes some helpers are waiting the visa in Macau.

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