Domestic Helper Summer Leave



POSTED BY mbmcentire (6 yrs ago)
Surely someone has come up against this. Please lend some advice.

1) FDH with us 3 mos

2) We must leave for states to care for parents July/Aug

3) We are remodeling our entire home

4) Nothing for the helper to do and no where to stay

What are our options? It seems a bit unrealistic to pay her full salary to hang out at the boarding house for 2 months at our expense.


cara (6 yrs ago)
it's not her fault you are going away. you must pay her for the time, including the boarding house.

how would you like it if your boss went on holiday and then decided not to pay you when he was gone?

beancurd (6 yrs ago)
I also heard from my friend that she was asked to take leave on July because the employer and family will take holiday overseas. It is the helper's vacation leave without pay for her and has to buy her own ticket back home. This time, the helper said No. Before, it was okey for her, but this time, she did not accept their term because it is not her problem if the family go for holiday.

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