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POSTED BY redarrow (14 mths ago)
My friend accidentally came across my current helper of 1 month being advertised by one agent, complete with profile picture, on their website. In addition, it is advertised as "terminated contract with good reasons" when she is still in a contract with me.

Is this justifiable with a summarily dismissal? If so, which ordinance or law states that? Thanks!


MsJones (13 mths ago)
Yes, you have clear means for immediate dismissal on the following grounds: did not sign contract in good faith.

The only reason she signed a contract with you was to prolong her stay in Hong Kong while she hunted for a higher paid position...she is prepared to terminate with you at any time.

There are 2 ways to pursue this. 1) get more proof that she really is on the market (not just a skanky agency's profile...e.g. have her show up for an interview w a friend, record her actually applying for a new job and lying about the situation w you, then immediate termination. 2) have a friend offer her a job, encourage her to resign, then when the contract arrives from the'w your name and address. 2nd option more fun.

Good luck!

redarrow (13 mths ago)
Thanks Ms Jones! Very insightful.

Baap (13 mths ago)
Maybe the agent is including her in the roster without her knowledge. If someone contact him he will say "sorry, she already found a job, but we have many other excellent ones who are looking". Agents do this all the time. Ask your friend to confirm with the agency first, to see if she is really available.

Then talk to your maid. Is she good? Do you want to keep her. Don't treat her like disposable meat. Maybe she is unhappy for some reason? Try to see what is going on.

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