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POSTED BY honeypie (12 yrs ago)
Anyone has experienced hiring a filipina maid directly, without going thru an agency? Will the Philippine Consulate allows it or it's a mandatory to go thru an agent? Thanks.


qotcha (12 yrs ago)
Yes, you can hire a Filipina maid directly without going thru an agency and of course the consulate will allow that. Good luck to you.

Katetam (12 yrs ago)
You can process by yourself, but I did that with our first helper, and it ended up more expensive b/c the agencies usually include the 1 way air ticket, all the visa charges, and fees, and medical exam, and all the follow up until the helper arrives in front of you.

So I never do it without an agency anymore. Now, I hire our helpers (still direct hire), but I never even have to step out of my house to do it.

Ed (12 yrs ago)
No need to use an agency - your helper can probably help with the docs (simple process):

honeypie (12 yrs ago)
Hi Gotcha, I just verified from the Phil. Consulate that they don't allow first time DH in HK not to go thru an agency. So i guess i need to look for an agency to do all the works.

Katetam, can you please recommend me an agent? I've found a helper from Phils. that i like so i prefer to get her. thanks.

Katetam (12 yrs ago)
I used Technic, they were pretty good, very busy agency. But efficient enough, the plan I used they now say it's no longer available. Now they changed it to $ 1600.00 includes airfare, consulate fees, visa fees, contract fees, no medical, and no pick up, but the helper also have to pay approx. 20 000 pesos (Philippines.)ANd they say now it takes 2-3 months to process.

I recently found out that Emrys is better agency to use for direct hire, 4-6 weeks only b/c they process both side at the same time, and includes the medical check up, but $ 3232.50.

Emrys' phone number is 2815-1166 ( They are in Wan Chai)


2890-3939 (Causeway Bay)

Snow Rose (12 yrs ago)
I am using Emry's and am afraid I wouldn't recommend it at all. I'm hiring my current helper's younger sister (as an additional helper) and she was supposed to be here by now.

Emry's totally screwed up the paperwork but the worst part was that the assistant completely denied this and was extremely rude to me on the phone about it. When I reminded her that she'd promised to submit the application to Immigration by a certain date (she'd missed that 'deadline') she flatly & hotly denied it and followed up by calling me a liar. I was so insulted I came off the phone absolutely fuming! And of course there's nothing I can do about it at all.

Because of this my new helper won't be able to come until September. She had actually quit another job for this, so because of Emry's she'll be on no income for a few months, completely unnecessarily ...

Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know. Good luck finding a good agency - it's not easy!

mother_2005 (12 yrs ago)
i have tried emry's too and i wouldn't recommend them either. i had some complications because the maid i hire failed her medical check up, emry's was totally unhelpful in this. but i guess if yours is a direct case with no complication, emry's is okay. most helpers prefer emry's because the maid doesn't have to pay any fees at all.

Katetam (12 yrs ago)
Surprised to hear this about Emry's. Guess there are always exceptions. Technic has been fine, but just slow, and even at this point, since they require 20 000 pesos from the helper, my friend who is hiring a helper direct hire from Philippines, plan to reimburse for the helper's fees so the helper doesn't have to pay for anything.

Failing a medical is not the agency's fault, no agency will take responsbilitiy for a helper that is direct hire who ends up failing medical, or missing documents, or expired passports...etc. Technic told me they were to take my money (non-refundable) no matter what, meaning even if my helper didn't arrive (b/c of her own or my own faults)..... so I think that's the risk of Direct Hire, the agency is simply a middle processing the papers for you, nothing else.

abby78 (12 yrs ago)
I hired my helper directly, but my cousin who used emry's told me that the service not good, she said they asked her to do a lot of things like going to pick up the visa and pay the levy tax.

Katetam (12 yrs ago)
I paid the levy myself too, but I sent a cheque to the government, that's not done through the agency. Visa, that's weird, the helper needs the visa BEFORE arriving to HK, so I don't know why the employer would be asked to pick up the visa.

Anyways, just some good cases I heard about Emry's, I used Energetic Domestic Agency three times (THE BEST), but they closed b/c the owner moved back home, and Technic once, besides taking 2 months, Technic followed through everything perfectly, and didn't take a dime from my helper.

zay (11 yrs ago)

if u like to hire a filipina helper send me a message thru

Romance (11 yrs ago)
My friend recently used my agent for processing papers of a direct hire maid. It took less than 2 months. My friend just paid HK$1800 which include air-ticket, visa fee, consulate fee and medical check-up in HK while her maid paid P18500 in Philippines. The staff is helpful and efficient.

Angelbaby (5 yrs ago)
I used Emry's recently, they were ok, i mean they get the job done. A bit slow on the booking of air ticket, coz they always put the helpers on group bookings and only travel on sunday or thursdays. Also sometimes they seem too busy to pick up the phone.

However, i chose them not because they were the cheapest or had the best service, but because they only charge the helper a small amount to cover cost like medical. Other agencies i find they charge the helper way too much and they end up having huge debt before starting to work, which is just wrong (charge helper more than us the people who can afford it). Not that I am a saint, but you want to minimize financial burden on your helper for your own sake too....less likely ask you for a loan etc etc

Big Bloke in HK (5 yrs ago)
We used Emry's agency and they certainly did not come anywhere near to a professional service provider, once the paperwork had been submitted I was sent an email with a telephone number for the immigration and told to call the number to "Spur them on" I've already told them that I will never use them again or recommend them. very poor service, only in it for the money! Still waiting for our helper. at great cost, no thanks to Emry's what a useless bunch!

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