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POSTED BY abby78 (11 yrs ago)
I want to give my helper a month notice tomorrow, I want her to leave by the end of the month, but now is already June 11, can I pay the 11 days? or I need to let her go on July 11?

Thanks for the input.


@@ (11 yrs ago)
Providing you pay her salary up until the 11th of July you can let her go at any time.

tsuiwah (11 yrs ago)
wouldn't u be better off letting her go asap and paying her for the next 30 days?

abby78 (11 yrs ago)
I also don't want to do it like that, I want to give her time to find a new employer.....I feel bad I have to fire her, but its not working for us. I am not happy with her.

winter2 (11 yrs ago)
I agree with Mrs Miggins - I did what you are planning to do, and had a very very bad experience. will never do it again.

Burgundy (11 yrs ago)
With any employee - whether DH or senior manager - show them the door the moment they resign / you tell them they're fired. At best, they become unfocused and make mistakes; at worst, they can be a nightmare.

And, if there's even the slightest chance of malice, change your locks.

abby78 (11 yrs ago)
Thanks guys for all your inputs. I havent give her a notice yet, but I will let her go on the end of the month. I still have to find someone in place of her.

yeah Burgundy, planning to change the locks.

MrsA (11 yrs ago)
What if, as in my case, the helper gives 2 months notice that they want to leave at the end of the current contract, but would actually prefer to leave 2 weeks earlier to do personal things, has no holiday entitlement and as we are going to be away for a month from the end of her contract, I would prefer her to stay until the day she is due to officially finish with us? She is clearly doing less and less around the house and her chin drags on the floor all day, but I would be paying for her to do absolutely nothing if I paid her off and she would also be getting exactly what she wanted, which to be honest I am not happy about doing, especially since I have been overly kind and generous the whole time she has been with us. We have agreed the date she will leave, which will give her a week before her visa expires to do what she needs to do (she is apparently going home for 6 months, so doesn't need to find a job before she departs - a likely story I know!) Am I making a big mistake in making her stay on, or should I ask her to go now?

Oceanview (11 yrs ago)
Let her go now. Don't worry that you are putting her out on the steet. I hear that there are many borading houses that cater to DH. They will find afforable place to stay without problems.

tsuiwah (11 yrs ago)
MrsA, terminate her early. Give her one month in lieu. Your helper will have two weeks to sort things out before having to leave Hong Kong. There are plenty of boarding houses that would be happy to take part of her severance payment and give her shelter.

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