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POSTED BY miffy (11 yrs ago)
I am in the process of hiring a helper directly without the use of an agency (all pretty complicated stuff!) I think I now understand most of the procedure but have a question for anyone who has done the same thing.

The helper was terminated by her previous employer, so must return to the Philippines to have her visa processed. I will get the contract notarised/verified at the Philippine Consulate, then take all the documents to HK Immigration to apply for her visa. When the visa is granted, I had thought I just had to send it to her then get her a ticket and she'd be on her way. The Philippine Consulate has just confused me greatly with talk of her having to go to the DOEA (whatever that is) in the Philippines to get the contract authorised there as well. Does that mean I need to send her the original contract as well? Or the notarised version? There is also a new requirement (from Dec 16 '06) that she get a 'competency certificate' from the DOEA. Is this going to be a long and difficult process for her (ie is she going to manage it??) Would an agency have done this for her if I had used one? Is there going to be any charge for it? The Consulate couldn't answer any of these questions for me. Can anyone help? We'd like her to start as soon as possible, so any advice would be great.


Katetam (11 yrs ago)
I don't understand why do this yourself. I did it once on my own, it was a nightmare. I learned the second time.... that through an agent, you don't even have to leave home, everything can be done by mail, and phone, your DH arrives at your doorstep, AND I saved money using an agent.

The agency fee included the 1 way airfare from Philppines to HK, a medical exam in Manila, and another medical exam in HK, and all the documentation fees, all the run around, and the best of all is... even with a direct hire helper, IF it doesn't work out, the agency will allow me to change to one of THEIR helpers that is under their agency.

Why do all this when you save money too ?

crj (11 yrs ago)
AsiaXPat charges 2000 to process, and charges the helper nothing.

Worth every penny if you ask me.

Maybe call them to see if they can assist?

miffy (11 yrs ago)
Thanks for the replies. As she has to return to the Philippines to have her visa processed, AsiaXpat can't do her visa for me (they can only process visas for helpers who are here) - but it would definitely have been the answer. Other agencies are charging upwards of $4000, so it's worth my while to have a go first and then if I get defeated by the paperwork, which may be inevitable, I will have to cough up!

crj (11 yrs ago)
Oh drat! What a shame.

If your helper has experience, can she do a lot herself? My last helper I hired directly (but from HK) and she did all of it herself and almost 'guided' me through the purpose.

Sorry can't be of more help, but maybe someone else has hired directly from Philippines recently and can provide some constructive tips.

The thing that makes me wary of agencies, is that they charge the helper too. I would just be sure if you do use an agency, they only charge you and then I think it is worth your while as the Agency fee should include all the consulate, visa and application fees as well.

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