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POSTED BY daniellejoli (10 yrs ago)
Hi there

We have just bought a 740 sq ft. apartment in The Zenith in Wan Chai - it's a 3 bedroom, and we want to knock down 2 walls - one to merge 2 bedrooms into 1, and another wall to make an open plan kitchen. We would like to install a breakfast bar as well.

That's the basic that we need. On top of that, we need to get furniture (which we are thinking of just getting kitted out from Ikea), and would love some input/ideas on creative storage and making use of such a small space and installation of eg. mirrors

We are first time buyers, so we're on a tight budget.

Anyone have any advice on how much just knocking down walls might cost? And recommendations on someone that might be able to do some interior design on a budget?




alk (10 yrs ago)
hi dani sent u a pm

daniellejoli (10 yrs ago)
Thanks Saikunga! Goodness knows why they build bedrooms the size of bathrooms in HK!

Wolfgang, have sent you an e-mail.


ArtfulDodger (6 yrs ago)
I agree with barchover. Did not have a good experience with him. He did not replies to e-mails.

alwayshelp (6 yrs ago)
sent u a pm

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