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POSTED BY frenchfries (9 yrs ago)
We bought a flat and looking to do some renovation before moving in. We will not do the whole flat, but a few things, such as, moving/removing some walls, flooring, walls, lighting, shelves/cabinets, etc..

I have contacted a few interior designers, but have not found the right one. Some of them only want to do the WHOLE flat, some of them are flaky (not getting back to me), some of them just do not sound right.

I need the renovation to start early March, so there's not much time.

Pls give me some referrals!!!!!!!!!!


Ed (9 yrs ago)
Some ideas here http://hongkong.asiaxpat.com/directory/expat-services-directory/

frenchfries (9 yrs ago)
Thanks, Ed. But I have already contacted some of the companies on the directory.

Didi (9 yrs ago)
Try MA design you can ask for Mr. Benny and Avis Ma at 90434392

Whitemischief (9 yrs ago)
Try Try Melanie Molenaar, 97400753, MU Design

LA Woman (9 yrs ago)
Try Gary at Interior Design Ltd, Wanchai. 2366 8141

ndgarrett (9 yrs ago)
Try TM (female) st tmc@themakeovercompany.net 67008186 she has done some great stuff recently.

ghung (9 yrs ago)
i think you should try an architect. Most so call interior designer are just decorators. You need someone who can understand function and space...afterall thats what is most important!

I have a friend who is an architect with a large international architectural firm. He does these small design jobs from time to time because he likes the changes in scale. He has done quite a lot of interior projects already in US, and France. His email: unpluging@gmail.com

arlina (9 yrs ago)
pm me, i do free lance and have done interior all over. can give u some advise

with a good price probably.

NathalieT (9 yrs ago)
I would recommend Life Styling Ltd, they are an Interior design company that offers a full design service on both renovations and decoration.. Contact no. +852 2521 2772 or you can email Kris@lifestylingltd.com

faithful (9 yrs ago)
I need to have a simple wooden table ( with or without legs ) made on a window counter. Can someone recommend a contractor who is willing to do just that?

Raftery (7 yrs ago)
frenchfries, a friend of mine got contemporary work done by http://www.manniganedwards.com. they are flexible it seems. may be you can try too.

aliendavid (7 yrs ago)
^i think his needs have been satisfied 2 years ago, but free advertisement for your "friend"

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