POSTED BY CEJC (9 yrs ago)
Can I get some feedback on LOHAS Park? We're a family with 2 small children and want to move to an area that's more environmentally friendly for them without being too far away from the city. Someone has recommended LOHAS Park in Tseung Kwan O. I believe this project should be completed by Q3 with an MTR line going direct to this development.



funbobby (9 yrs ago)
LOHAS Park is going to be a construction site for some time. Two if the phases are nearing completion, but in the current econ. climate, the other phases have been put on hold. It won't be the idyllic oasis trumpeted in the advertising for some time...also quite isolated despite the MTR connection.

You should look at Ocean Shores in Tiu Keng Leng. VERY family friendly, excellent quality buildings, right at Tiu Keng Leng station, which connects you to Po Lam, all of Kowloon, AND Hong Kong island with no train changes...decent ParknShop nearby and awesome clubhouse (even grass to run on!)

mahakgtr34 (8 yrs ago)
But take a look at ocena shores prices. it's easily 50% more than Lohas park. not everyone can afford like 15+k for an apartment. i am going to check out lohas park coming weekend, looking to move sometime soon.

s1339 (8 yrs ago)
I read an article on Lohas Park yesterday. It talked about a few investors lining up to buy a few flats for investment when it was first on advertisement. When they actually got the property recently, it is completely not what they expected. A property inspector announced that the material and quality of the apartment was quite bad as compared to other new developments. In addition, a few shortfalls were 1. the bad smell 2. construction would go on for a few more years and soon these apartments would lose the sea view 3. The area is still under-developed. It would take a few years to get there. 4. In advertisement, it mentioned to build a soccer field, but apparently this plan is now on hold. Given what the investors have seen, they sold their flats last month hitting a lost of $100k HKD as they assume the price would go even lower since the other phases will be available and large supply would drive the price down.

Suggest you do some detailed investigation of Lohas Park before you decide to move in there.

For "desire", Coastal Skyline is quite nice, spacious and cheap with an outlet in the station....

Hope this helps!

angelamok (8 yrs ago)
Don't just rely on articles or news coverage, take a trip to Lohas Park for site survey. I have lived in Tseung Kwan O for quite some time (close to 10 years), if you are looking for "economical" an "green" (close to Clear Water Bay and Sai Kung) which is "not to remote from the city" (MTR and other choices of public transportation), I recommend Tseung Kwan O. As for Lohas Park, rent is about 30% lower than average flats in other areas of Tseung Kwan O. I have taken a couple of site visits to Lohas Park, I do not experience bad smell. What's more is the MTR station will be in service starting July 26. Of course the drawback is not a convenient place (temporary) surrounded by shopping malls (unlike most HK folks enjoy the convenience of shopping within walking distance) but you can sure enjoy the quietness unless you live in very luxury laborhood in the southern part of Hong Kong or the Peak.

michelley (8 yrs ago)
if u're looking for environmentally friend places to live. i think lohas park or another other developments located on top of any mtr lines are not really what u're looking for.

they advertise it to be very close to nature and such, but in reality, it's no where like that. i have not lived in tseund kwan o, but having worked there, i dun feel it's a very 'green' place to live. it has tons of residential buildings, the place feels like a wall of bricks.

i would also suggest taking a look at park island, or lamma.

ricardo (8 yrs ago)
I live in Ocean Shores and it is AMAZING! Don't think the rents are 50% higher than others. Maybe a little higher - for a reason., GREAT place for kids. Very convenient. Ring an agent and take a tour.


ROHIT HARIDAS (8 yrs ago)
Hi, We live in SouthHorizons. And we love the place. Very Child friendly . We are looking to invest in a flat.I understand LOhas park is a good option due to relative lower prices and also because of MTR connectivity. Phase 2 is going to be ready in 2010. Is it a good option to invest there. We will look to move to LP if it is good, a year from now. Planning a site visit today. ANy suggestions/thoughts?

bamboule (8 yrs ago)

We will be a family of 4 finally decide to invest in HK. We have read a bunch about Lohas Park before to make our move and we finally bought a 4 brd unit in Le Prestige, ready june 2010.

This is clear that this is not a 10-15 years investment. By then, place will be stuffed by tower and that will get old as all other projects. We didn't buy there expecting to live a perfect green lifestyle (in Hk???). This is a mass project.

We bought there because:

- flat is large and we could not afford such space in other estates

- mtr (10mn walk between MTR and Le prestige)

- no car, bus, crowded and noisy streets

- ability to let the kids playing downstairs on their own (parks, playground, etc)

- less heat that crowded CWB, Central, North point, etc.. (Will change if they build too many building, I can agree)

- cheap price and low interest rates

We live now in hong kong side. We honestly cannot hang out with a baby most of the time due to heavy pollution. The park there and few other in construction are pretty cool and will make daily hang out pretty cool. We don't need a car like other project we have checked.

Le Prestige will do for the coming 5 years, then we will see.

Bacon sarnie (8 yrs ago)
Desire -

I wouldn't advise Banyan Garden because of the noise (from the main road that is below) and the pollution from all the road traffic. I work right opposite.

Tung Chung is one of the most polluted places in HK, BTW.

I have a friend who lives at Park Island and he thinks it's great apart from the limited transportation. Depends where you work I suppose.

Don't know about Lohas Park but TKO is a nice place to live. Tower blocks yes but more space between them than downtown, more greenery, cycling/jogging paths around the centre & convenient MTR links. Residents are a mix of middle class locals, public housing tenants and a sprinkling of down to earth expats: quite a nice balance with none of the arrogance you sometimes find amongst HK-side folk or the crookedness of a significant proportion of NT villagers (I'm sure that will annoy some people - my views alone).

Ed (8 yrs ago)
In the immortal words of Dr Anthony Hedley of HKU... when I asked him at our air pollution conference some years ago, if there was any place to live in HK that would be better for one's health, he said 'some areas are marginally better but no matter where you live the levels of air pollution in Hong Kong are DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH'

Tung Chung suffers more from China pollutants http://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/200411/24/1124240.htm

Ted the Angry American (8 yrs ago)
Way to perpetuate the urban myth Ed... what they are saying in this article (which by the way is five years old) is that on high ozone days the ozone will be ironically "cleaned up" by reactions with the emissions of surrounding traffic. Personally I'd rather live with a little ozone than seek out an area of higher traffic just to solve this particular problem.

Peep this portion of the same article below. Before I moved here I charted the pollution trend from the EPD data and TC fared very well, as stated above with many more days of low pollution.

"As a matter of fact, the annual average air pollution index (API) of Tung Chung was 44 in 2003, which was not only comparable to the corresponding figures of other new towns such as Shatin and Tai Po, the annual average APIs of which were 42 and 44 respectively, but also better than those of the urban areas, which ranged from 47 to 49"

I think the Hedley quote is spot on however... on bad days (like yesterday for example) nobody is safe

ljang (8 yrs ago)
Does anyone know if there's going to be a supermarket at Lohas Park? I see that there is a 7-11 in the MTR station, but it doesn't sell beer!

cd (8 yrs ago)
Have just been to look at a couple of flats in The Capitol in Lohas park, supposedly 960sf each....extremely disappointed, the kitchen is the size of a cupboard, our bed would not fit in the main bedroom, plus there is not 1 storage cupboards. Would doubt either of the other bedrooms would fit a bed in, let alone a wardrobe. They obviously count all the communal spaces in the square footage, reckon it must have been no more than 600-700 sf.

punter (8 yrs ago)
Isn't this the new "normal" for housing in Hong Kong? Nobody really complains about this and people still keep buying so why should Big property companies change their ways?

OffThePeak (5 yrs ago)
The Pounding in TKO / What happened in the Tsueng Kwan O area?

Why did these specific estates get so hard-hit?

Changes over the past Month - in Centaline's Data


04/14 : 120.12 119.35:

03/17 : 123.66 122.98:

change: -2.87% : -2.96%



HK Isl : - 1.84%

Kowln : - 5.26%

NT- E : - 1.79%

NT- W : - 1.70%


Ocean Shores : -13.54% : $ 7,779 : TKO

Laguna City-- : -12.30% : $ 6,654 : Cha Kwo Ling, nr. TKO

ParkCent/CHt : -11.13% : $ 7,712 : TKO

Whampoa Gd : - 9.39% : $11,446 : Hung Hom

Resid . Bel-Air : - 9.11% : $15,177 : HK Isl.

Caribbean Cs. : -10.04% : $ 5,795 : NT-W, Tung Chung ... ..


Historically, Park Central was a very big gainer


Late 2008 / 2013-H : $3,500 - $8,700 : +149%

Early 2012/ 2013-H : $5,900 - $8,700 : + 47%

(REPOSTED to the New vs. Convenient thread):


OffThePeak (5 yrs ago)
Here's one bit of recent news : A counterpoint to the Wings hype, perhaps?

Wheelock pays HK$2.5b for Tseung Kwan O site

Wheelock Properties yesterday outbid eight developers to win a residential site in Tseung Kwan O for HK$2.45 billion for what is to be its third development in the district.

The developer also sold its new office tower in Kowloon Bay to Manulife (International) for HK$4.5 billion, or HK$8,789 per square foot, in the largest single office-tower transaction in Kowloon this year.

Wheelock acquired the Tseung Kwan O site for HK$4,301 per square foot, in line with market expectations.

Alvin Lam, a director at Midland Surveyors, said: "The price, in line with market expectations, reflects developers still have confidence in the market outlook."

Wheelock chairman Stewart Leung Chi-kin said the company would spend HK$5.5 billion to HK$5.8 billion to develop the project.

"The project will be released for sale as early as within 2-1/2 years. The prices will be fixed at more than HK$10,000 per square foot," Leung said.

"We are interested in the site as it is one of the last few available in Tseung Kwan O."


/more: http://www.scmp.com/business/companies/article/1211823/wheelock-pays-hk25b-tseung-kwan-o-site

painterlife (5 yrs ago)
I'm living in LP for 1,5 yrs now I think the layout of the flat, environnement are quite nice, price are more realistic than others area fur sure BUT air is not good here (micro particule due to the garbage field and hold by the wind), crazy humid, quality of construction of building is reallysh*t ( even look really luxury at first!) and effectively there is bad smells mostly in bathroom (think it come from evacuation water? so if you have some problem of asthma don t come there it s really a nightmare!

Of course developers are really smart to hide this kind of problem and show you more and more luxury outlooking with huge swimming pool, club house, magnificient fountains......and feel not shame to sell you 6 M for 900 sq ft!

For us expatriat living in HK it s really bullshit Hong Kong housing price!

How to afford flat cost minimum 5M HKD you need to put on table 1,5M cash and pay 18 000 by month....no comment!

I'm really curious to know how Local people can afford to buy that? how they earn for that? 60 000/80/90 000/month???

Or they pay each month 70% of their income? I don't understand where come from all this money to afford that?Not all the people are CEO?

I really think that people are little bit silly to buy some flat so expensive like this at 45 mn from Central

So dangerous what will hapen if the price drop suddently like in States? It should be catastrophic for the people borrow this level of money!

For a flat in LP you have a beautiful house in Europe with swimming pool and in nice area, worst in Thailand.....price are high but REALISTIC!

If anyone have advice of one area close to LP with no crazy price, nice quality building, convenient for transportation without not many noise and pollution please tell me, thank s

OffThePeak (5 yrs ago)
There's plenty of money in HK, and not much to spend it on (where would you store it?), so people buy flats.

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