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POSTED BY Danza (9 yrs ago)
G'day Guys,

Does anyone know where i may find a graphic designer? Specifically one that can speak english.



Ed (9 yrs ago)
Matt is a good freelancer

You can also check with Katie

If you need full creative agency support there's

Ed (9 yrs ago)
Shifting this to the Biz forum

HKNikkers (9 yrs ago)
Not sure if you're still looking but I know Mel over at is good. She's done a bit of work for me.

Solaris (9 yrs ago)
Would highly recommend Flash Creative:

Very professional, very creative

mikeadams (8 yrs ago)
I do Graphic Work and can handle most projects.I work in Creative Suite and have large format and proofing capabilities in house. I can be reached at

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