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POSTED BY Cxbaron (8 yrs ago)
A friend of mine has an import/export company in Southern Africa. He would like to do business in China and has asked me to look for people/companies that specialise in the sourcing process but more importantly that will represent the company to ensure that the correct goods are loaded into the containers for shipping.

Can somebody point me in the right direction, please.

Thanks in advance for any help.


may.proton (8 yrs ago)
My friend has been running already 5 years of such kind of sourcing and inspecting service company. They have people in China for goods inspection and order coordination. The company provide exactly the same of your friend's needed, they buy ALL different range of items from China on behalf of buyer, give price, submit sample. When it comes to a deal, they help to monitor the order production and conduct inspection before goods delivery to dock. In case there really some problems from the shipment or goods, they help to negotiate and compensation with factory or asked for factory trade discount. They are a small scale of service or business and is very flexibile enough in any way of business collaboration offer by you. They do not charge high.

Contact Ms Ho, the marketing manager of Proton Enterprise at 21520595.

Good luck

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