need a good accountant.



POSTED BY the goddess kali (8 yrs ago)
Hi there i have two accountants, one very very very expensive, but also really thorough, that i feel safe with (but not so happy shelling out the hefty fees every yr), and another that is a lot cheaper, but i wonder if she is doing a good job.

Does anyone have a good accountant they can reccomend? For companies registerd in hk but doing overseas trading?



dannyboy77 (8 yrs ago)
Are you making lots of profit? If the answer is yes you need to pay good money for a decent tax accountant (they will always earn their fees in tax savings). If the answer is no you should just go for the cheapest possible guy to rubber stamp your books.

I'm assuming you're talking about the end of year audit rather than day to day accounting.

the goddess kali (8 yrs ago)
hi dannyboy : u r right i dont need day to day accounting, but someone to do the end or yr audit.

isnt there something inbetween? between the cheapest rubber stamp and the expensive tax accountant.

dannyboy77 (8 yrs ago)
When I say rubber stamp your accounts I don't mean that literally. All the cheap auditors I've used go over the management accounts and generate the required reports for your return. What they won’t do is give you any sensible tax advice.

I've sent you a pm with the name of a reasonably priced auditor (between 8-12k)

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