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POSTED BY Shane (8 yrs ago)
Been in HK 6 years. Found so many products I cant get here and often think of opening a shop but rents here are rediculous.

Thought of internet retail shop but have absolutely no experience and as I undertsand HK online retailers dont operate same way as US ones.

Anyone who is involved or has constructive advice please feel free to comment.

Products: Mens wet shaving products,

Quality sports equipment (most sold in HK is cheap)

Mens leather goods


cookie09 (8 yrs ago)
my advice is to find out first whether you really have a market

e.g. quality sports equipment: i am sure there is a market in hong kong for such but the truth is that most hk people do not do as much outdoor sports as in the west hence a few shops will cover the need for quality equipment in hk. i am sure these few shops already exist. the rest of the people (like me) can do with lower quality (but cheaper) stuff.

dannyboy77 (8 yrs ago)
I did some market research for a friend who ran a similar type of online business. Results we're very clear. He didn't listen to the market research and wasted two years and a lot of money on the business before it failed.

Do market research properly and listen to the results. From what I've seen it's a very hard business to make work as you're fundamentally changing buying habits

sleepnaked (8 yrs ago)
All I would say is make sure what you are selling is not readily available anywhere in Hong Kong and if there is a similar product out there then make sure yours is better.

The best way to get people to the site is actually through this site initially and then later the printed magazines perhaps. Posters, sponsorship etc.

Your main market is the Expat market and locals with Western buying habits really. Hong Kong people love to shop, in the shops as you know. Getting out of the house basically.

You mentioned Sports Equipment. Advertise in all the sports club magazines see what happens.

Good luck

Oh .. we sell in US$ .. you might get orders from Singapore, Mainland China and Japan. Makes it easier.

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