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POSTED BY maverick (7 yrs ago)
Thinking of buying a flat as an investment. Just wondering whether top floor flats (with communal roof tops) have problems with getting very hot in the summer and water leakage from the roof. Also do people think being near a school as a problem with regards to noise?

Thanks for all your advice


Philly Cheese (7 yrs ago)
Generally the top floor gets more heated because of the roof. But this is offset by it being breezier. But it all depends on the building and its surroundings.

As for school, I lived near a school and it was noisy during the morning assemblies and during lunch. But since I am at work during those hours it was never an issue. The advantage of living near a school is it is quiet during the weekends, and not likely you will get construction obscuring your views

funbobby (7 yrs ago)
"The advantage of living near a school is it is quiet during the weekends..."

not true of the secondary school where I used to live...Sat. was marching band practice day in the outdoor playground, Sun. morning the school gym was used for a church

definitely try to visit the area on weekend mornings to get a true idea of the situation, and visit the rooftop on a hot sunny day if possible...nothing beats first hand knowledge

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