Three weeks rental!



POSTED BY cwillacy (7 yrs ago)
Hi, I'm looking to rent an empty apartment for three weeks in October,so that I can move my household goods out of storage, and stay there while I sort it, sell some and ship the rest.

I'm currently in Australia so can't visit real estate agents does any one have any good contacts?



wongjoseph (7 yrs ago)
It is not easy to try to rent an empty apartment in Hong Kong for only three weeks especially for storage purpose because most landlords wouldn't like it at all, unless the landlord is really desperate and/or you are willing to pay a premium rent for it. Your best bet would be to move your stuffs to the storage company and find out if they would help you sort, sell and ship them.

cwillacy (7 yrs ago)
Thanks Joseph,

I'm hoping to stop my storage fees by moving my stuff out of there, and cut out hotel fees, by also staying in the apartment. Thought it was worth a try to see if someone with an empty flat would welcome three weeks rent as cash in hand!!!

In the end I may have to do what you suggest, and sort it ant the storage company, but there's so little room, I won't really be able to sort and sell it.

Thanks anyway!


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