looking for Small office in Tuen Mun Area



POSTED BY sunvasu (7 yrs ago)

i am looking the small office in Tuen Mun Area

but i can not find the way

any one can help me in this matter.

Secondly i have to move to office to Shenzhen. also i can not find the way how to do it




wongjoseph (7 yrs ago)
Hi Sunil, maybe I can help you out. I own and operate a Century21's office in Sheung Wan, but I work almost everywhere in HK, including Tuen Mun areas and I am currently living in Shenzhen and also an agent there. You can call me at: 6061 0928 or send me a short message with your mobile # so that I can call you on Monday

sunvasu (7 yrs ago)
Hi Joseph

I need the office in Tuen Mun Industrial Area.



snehe (7 yrs ago)

I am looking for a small warehouse for storage on rent in kowloon side.

The place should have parking place for van. I can pay reasonable rent.

Can someone help.


opencart (7 yrs ago)
i'm looking for a office share maybe. I run a successful web company but need to hire at least one web developer and looking for somewhere to work.

I'm located in tuen mun as well.

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