Landlord Selling - We want to break the lease



POSTED BY topcat69 (6 yrs ago)
We've recently been told by a neighbor that our flat has been sold. This was latter confirmed by the landlord.

The problem is we only moved in to the apartment once meeting the landlord, who to date has been excellent with resolving any issues etc... we are only 9 months in to a 2 year lease and want to know what our options are should we want to move out.

Our contract is signed with the current landlord and I'm curious to know if this can be broken as the contract we have would technically be broken?


malka (6 yrs ago)

OffThePeak (6 yrs ago)
I am pretty certain that the new landlord has assumed all the rights and obligations of the prior landlord, since that is the usual state of affairs.

But check your lease to see if your "two year lease" is really a "1+1 lease", which is the norm,al case. That means after one year, either side can break it - which is fair enough, if that is what you signed.

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