Combined adjoining flats - sale question



POSTED BY Tamalak (11 mths ago)
I was wondering what happens in HK if there are 2 adjoining flats that have been combined by demolishing the interior wall and the owner wants to sell.

Will the buyer need 2 mortgages as they are really 2 flats? Or is there a form to fill out with the buildings department that will officially combine them in 1 unit?

Or will the bank list the 2 flats on one mortgage or Sale/Purchase agreement?

Thanks for any help!


Sg Ed (11 mths ago)

We purchased 2 flats in DB a number or years ago and yes, the bank will look at the units individually. This means you will need to have 2 mortgages, 2 utility bills etc.

Hope this helps.

Tamalak (11 mths ago)
Yes, that makes sense.

My question is what happens when I want to sell them. Can the next buyer use 1 mortgage? Basically how do I get these flats considered as 1 fat in the future.

Thanks for any information.

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