Rental work in the building- discounts to rent?



POSTED BY anzimanzi (8 mths ago)
I am living and working in HK in a rental apartment in Sheung Wan (Wellington Street 170) rented by Motion Aim Lt. with my boyfriend. Our rental agreement is until 28th of September 2017. It is one year agreement.

Yesterday I got a mail from Motion Aim Lt. saying that there will be 3 months renovations in the apartment (because of Government regulations about fire safety) starting from this Saturday. So there was 5 days notice, before the work started. The renovations will be all over the building. They have to even change our front door. They are changing all windows etc.

I called the landlord and they did not offer any rental discount and said that we can move out whenever we want, but the renovations must be done. Also they said that they knew about the renovations already last December, but did not inform us before.

What are the tenants rights in this situation? Is there any compensations we should get? Can the work be postponed?

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