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POSTED BY lifeshotsjohn (9 mths ago)
Hi All,

I know residential property management isn’t common in Hong Kong, but does anyone know an English speaking property manager that can look after an investment property for me? I have had real estate agents do a little for me in the past but it has been hit and miss. Also, don’t want to be tied to one agent when it comes to re-leasing!

It’s more to manage the repairs, maintenance, paying bills, keeping the tenant happy etc rather than problems leasing.

Thanks, John


Sheen (9 mths ago)
try Thomas at Engle Volkers. He is very helpful and understands expat requirements. Tell him Geoff W referred you.

+852 2561 3616

Roch1234 (9 mths ago)
Hi John,

I use a company that have done a couple of investment property renovations for me in the past called Architectural Interiors. They have a independent property management arm with 24hr maintenance call out etc with fees similar to what I pay for me UK properties (around 6.5% from memory). I’ve been very happy with them. They also help with leasing but I think they just coordinate this and send out to other agents as it’s been a different agent each time that has filled my units through them (consistent performances from Hong Kong real estate agents is an entirely different issue!).

Try speaking with Jamie or Chris +852 3752 2027.

Good Luck!

CentalineSurveyors (8 mths ago)
Hi John,

We are pleased to provide Tenancy Management Service your property in Hong Kong. Our company have been providing the service since 2000 and you may obtain further information from the link below :

Call us +852 21396698

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