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POSTED BY gkarpins (11 yrs ago)
My wife and I are looking for a pet friendly serviced apartment in HK. Any suggestions as to where we could find a unit starting Dec 1 would be hugely appreciated.

Our rental criteria:

Must accept a cat

Min - 1000 sq feet

Time - Two months

Location - HK Island



Claire (11 yrs ago)
Well this is a very easy search because there is only one serviced apartment in Hong Kong which accepts pets: Shama Soho. Naturally, it can be well booked in advance.

The largest apartment is a 2-bedroomed one at 66 sq.m. so fits your size requirements. Monthly rates around HK$40-45,000, plus pet charge.

gkarpins (11 yrs ago)
Thanks for the tip but Shama does not work due to the size. 66 sq meters is only 710 square feet. With two cats and our substantial amount of luggage 1000 square feet is a bare minimum.

Thanks again.

Claire (11 yrs ago)
Unfortunately, Hong Kong is not terribly pet friendly - even many privately-owned apartment buildings don't allow pets. So, as I mentioned, it's Sharma or nothing. Perhaps you will need to consider storage and kennels - there are a few of both which advertise on this site.

Ms B (11 yrs ago)
H studios also accepts pets. It's in Happy Valley

Tel: (852) 2815 6866

crj (11 yrs ago)
The Conrad is one of the only hotels that accepts pets - so if you can't find what you need in a serviced apartment, you might want to consider two adjoining rooms or a very large suite.

Loel (11 yrs ago)
Conrad Hotel have a pet friendly floor

Loel (11 yrs ago)
What is your starting date?

gkarpins (11 yrs ago)
Thanks all for the help. Would think the Conrad would be rather expensive for a 2 - 3 month stay. Actually we managed to find an apartment on Bowen Road that will take the pets. It is not a serviced flat but it is a furnished flat which will suit us just fine. As noted by the many posts, it is not easy to find a serviced/furnished flat in HK that accepts pets. You just have to plug away and keep reaching out to people, there are some good little properties (and flat owners) that will accomodate a pet request. It just takes some looking.

crj (11 yrs ago)
congratulations - well done!

VeraN (6 yrs ago)
I know it's a long time ago but I'm in the identical situation and was wondering what you found on Bowen Road??? Could I have the details as I'm also finding it very hard to find somewhere. Thanks.

vanillaice (6 yrs ago)

Could you let me know how you found this place or the details of whom I can contact to see if its available for 6 weeks or so.


Quito (5 yrs ago)
Hello I am relocating to Hong Kong from the US. I am hoping to take my 7 lb maltese dog with me but cannot find a service apartment that would take him. Please if Walkup2 or vanillaice found anything that worked for them or know of any leads please advise. It would be a huge help. Shama at Soho would be too far. Our office is located in Kowloon by Tim shat sui

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