Pre-tenancy agreement, Internet issues



Posted by Granttg83 2 mths ago
Hi all,

I wanted to see if I can get some advice. I have recently signed a pre-tenancy agreement for a new build village house in Sai Kung and we are getting a little alarmed as we have started talking to utility companies. The house has not yet been assigned an address which is causing issues...however the landlord has assured us he will take care of water/electricity before we move in..(no way I will sign the full tenancy agreeement without those!)

The most pressing issue is according to PCCW it could take until October to get a line to set up the internet, cable TV etc. The agent of course did not mention any of these potential issues prior to me signing and giving my cheque, but living in a house for 6 months + with no internet is not viable for us.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? Would we be within our rights to say the property is not in a liveable condition (I know very 1st world issue!!) to be able to get our deposit back should it indeed be the case that there internet won’t be connected till October? We are in a bit of a bind because we have given notice to our current place so as you could imagine it’s causing a high deal of stress....


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