Looking for a Good Renovation Contractor



POSTED BY HOLIDAY 2 (22 days ago)


hannahBB (14 days ago)

Are you currently looking for the good renovation contractor? I cant find your original post.. But seems like archiparti is pretty good. Haven't got the reviews from asiaxpat but I just find it pretty decent. You can check their website (archiparti.co) and i'll tell you when i get any reply from asiaxpat :)

Have a nice day!

HOLIDAY 2 (10 days ago)
Hi there,

I have a very reliable contractor with reasonable price as he is a local (called CK), his quotation will be less than a design firm a lot, also never mark up the price because you are the expatriate. He can speak fluent English and quotation is free of charge.

I posted a similar topic before, unfortunately was deleted by the forum. Apparently, I can’t post his full name & phone no. here, but if you need more details, let me know, I will PM you! (Or try to search it from the above old thread)

Hope this can help!

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