How much does a private hospital room cost in Hong Kong?

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Whether you’re living in Hong Kong for work, pleasure, or family, there will come a time when you’ll need medical treatment. Fortunately, anyone with a valid ID card and visa can access the city’s public and private treatment options. However, its high-quality and affordable public medical system comes with lengthy wait times and no-frills. With state-of-the-art equipment, an English-speaking advantage, and unparalleled comfort, Hong Kong’s private healthcare system tends to be the preferred option.
But how much will a private hospital room in Hong Kong set you back? Our friends at Pacific Prime are here to break it down for you.
How private hospital room rates in Hong Kong are calculated
In Hong Kong, the type of hospital room you choose will affect all other fees, including doctors’ fees. Therefore, you should find out what your doctor’s medical fees for the following room types:
  • Private room: This type of room is just for you (and a companion if you wish), with an ensuite restroom and perks based on your price point.
  • Semi-private room: This shared room comes with two beds and a restroom, which are usually partitioned to create a private space.
  • Ward: As the most affordable option, this large room can fit 3 to 14 patients and typically uses curtains to separate the beds.
Private hospital room rates are only for stays and usually do not include fees for doctor consultations, operations, lab tests, medicines, and meals. It’s important to consider these extra costs when you’re budgeting your hospital stay.
Hong Kong’s private hospital room rates
The three hospital room types mentioned above are available at each of Hong Kong’s 12 private hospitals. A private room can cost you anywhere from HKD $1,600 to HKD $45,000, depending on the hospital. Similarly, a semi-private room can cost between HKD $850 and HKD $3,500, while you can expect to pay between HKD $650 to HKD $1,700 for a ward room.
What room types are covered by insurance?
Make sure you know what type of room your insurance covers before being admitted to a private facility. If you choose a private room and your hospitalization insurance only covers semi-private or ward level rooms, then you might not get a full reimbursement. What’s more, you might even have to pay extra fees out of pocket. Insurance providers will only cover involuntary upgrades if the hospital provides a written note stating that other room types were not available.
In addition, you’ll want to make sure that your health insurance policy allows for direct billing. This type of payment method makes settling hospital bills and hospitalization claims as stress-free and efficient as possible, so you can focus on your recovery instead.
By working with a reputable insurance broker like Pacific Prime, you’ll have access to the best health insurance in Hong Kong for your needs and budget. Contact us for expert advice or to receive a no-obligation quote today.

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