Where to get your flu vaccine in Hong Kong

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Every autumn, Hong Kongers go for their seasonal flu vaccines to protect themselves against the approaching flu season. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people are even more concerned about becoming ill. It’s essential to get vaccinated every year since no two flu seasons are the same. But where should you go for your jab this year? This article from our friends at Pacific Prime will get you up to speed on where to get your flu vaccine in Hong Kong.
The differences between public and private healthcare
If you’re wondering where you should go for your flu vaccinations in Hong Kong, the first choice you’ll have to make is whether you want public or private healthcare.
Public healthcare options
In Hong Kong, flu vaccines are subsidized by the Vaccination Subsidy Scheme (VSS). For 2020/21, the subsidy for each vaccination is HKD $240 for all eligible groups. Eligible Hong Kong residents can also receive free seasonal influenza and pneumococcal vaccination through the Government Vaccination Program. Additionally, the Seasonal Influenza Vaccination School Outreach offers free vaccinations to participating schools.
Private healthcare options
There are many options for those who prefer the private route. It’s worth noting that private practitioners in Hong Kong have been affected by flu vaccine shortages due to the huge demand this year. Therefore, it’s advisable to check whether your private healthcare provider has the vaccine in stock.

Flu vaccine prices on Hong Kong Island cost anywhere from HKD $250 to HKD $500. The prices vary according to the location and the doctor’s specialty. If you’re a first-time visitor, you should also factor in a consultation fee in addition to the vaccine cost.

Why the seasonal flu vaccine is a must during COVID-19
The seasonal flu vaccine is not to be confused with the COVID-19 vaccine. But it is even more important to get your jab this year since the COVID-19 virus is still around, and there is currently no vaccine for it. Since COVID-19 and seasonal flu share similar symptoms, getting the flu vaccination means you won’t always be worrying about whether you have COVID-19.
The vaccination also reduces your risk of spreading the virus to other people. Fewer sick people means fewer hospitalizations due to the flu, which is especially important during a time when healthcare systems are already under enough burden.
Get vaccination benefits with your health insurance plan 
While free and subsidized vaccinations are available through government schemes in Hong Kong, they are only for those who are deemed eligible. Consequently, many people turn to global health insurance, which offers vaccination benefits under outpatient coverage. Even so, the level of coverage varies between insurance providers. That’s where Pacific Prime Hong Kong comes in.
Whether you’re looking for individual or family health insurance, we can help you find the best plan for your needs and budget. Contact us to secure your Hong Kong health insurance today.

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