An expat’s guide to mental health resources in Hong Kong

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When you hear the word ‘health’, you might think of eating right, exercising regularly, and not being ill. While the physical aspect certainly plays an important role in overall health, mental and social wellbeing is just as important.
Modern life can be incredibly stressful, especially for expats who are living away from their usual support system. Knowing that there are mental health resources available can be the difference between suffering in silence or getting the help you deserve. This article written by Pacific Prime Hong Kong offers expat tips to mental health services in Hong Kong.
Where to find mental health resources in Hong Kong
Stress at work, financial hardship, and anxiety are some of the many reasons why you might be looking for mental health support. Here’s a quick guide to mental healthcare services in the SAR, including public, private, and voluntary options.
Hospital Authority
You’ll need to see a primary care provider before seeking psychiatric services at a public healthcare facility. After an assessment, the primary care provider will be able to refer you to a specialist. Waiting time can be an issue, but it’s cheaper than private care. However, if you require urgent assistance, then call 999 or head straight to the emergency department.
Counselling services
Therapy sessions with a private psychiatrist can be beneficial for anyone, not just those suffering from mental illnesses. Speaking with a licensed professional can help you get a different perspective, learn coping strategies, and more. Recommended private counseling services in Hong Kong include the Hong Kong Psychological Counseling Center and St. John’s Cathedral Counseling Services.
Social Welfare Department
Free clinical psychology services are available through the Hong Kong Government’s Social Welfare Department. Simply call up the hotline for immediate assistance or to book an appointment. Another option is to visit your local Integrated Service Center for a referral.
Addiction treatment centers and support groups
The Cabin Hong Kong is one of the leading private addiction treatment centers in Asia, and offers treatment and counseling for all types of addiction. If support groups are what you’re looking for, then Alcoholics Anonymous, SMART Recovery, and OCD and Anxiety Support could be the answer.
Suicide prevention services
If you’re contemplating suicide, get in touch with a suicide prevention group like The Samaritans or Suicide Prevention Services. These groups offer immediate support for anyone who is at risk of suicide or in emotional distress. IAMAlive and online suicide prevention chats also offer emotional support during difficult times, while education programs can be beneficial for those seeking long-term assistance.
Most Hong Kong expats prefer the ease and freedom that comes with private care, but the affordability of public alternatives. Fortunately, with health insurance in Hong Kong, you can have the best of both.
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