General outpatient treatments covered by expat health insurance

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Outpatient care refers to medical services that don’t require you to spend a night in a hospital. With this type of care, you can leave the doctor’s office or hospital once it’s over. Even though you won’t have to pay for an overnight stay, outpatient care can be costly - especially in a city like Hong Kong. Pacific Prime Hong Kong is here to discuss some of the most common outpatient treatments covered by expat health insurance.
What treatments are commonly covered by expat health insurance?
When it comes to expat health insurance plans, some of the most common treatments that are covered are:
  • Medical practitioner fees (Consultations, checkups, etc.)
  • Specialist visits and referrals
  • Vaccinations
  • Diagnostic tests (X-rays, MRIs, etc.)
  • Medical supplies (Casts, splints, etc.)
  • Alternative therapies, treatments, and medicine
  • Physiotherapy
  • Screening and preventative services
  • Laboratory tests
  • Medically necessary nursing home care

What are the benefits of outpatient coverage?
Aside from covering various outpatient treatments, outpatient coverage through an expat health insurance plan gives you access to:
Multilingual medical professionals
Expats find it especially helpful to have access to doctors and specialists that speak a range of languages. After all, knowing that you’ll be able to communicate with your doctor takes away a lot of stress. What’s more, multilingual workforces are a reflection of more credible settings. Unlike private hospitals, public hospitals usually have very few English-speaking medical professionals, if at all. Spanish, Arabic, and other popular languages are even less likely.
Trustworthy medical care
Outpatient coverage allows you to visit your medical professional of choice from the network of health providers. Expats with young families tend to benefit the most from this type of coverage since they frequently require outpatient care. If you have children or plan on growing your family, it’s advisable to look into family health insurance to cover specialist outpatient care.
Good value for money
While private hospitals in Hong Kong are known for their world-class facilities and services, they are notorious for their high cost of care. The expensive medical costs are even more evident when comparing private and public facilities. Since medical expenses can easily add up, your best option for saving on out-of-pocket costs is to secure health insurance with outpatient coverage.
Finding the right expat health insurance plan
Every insurance provider is different, which means the plans they offer will be different as well. Coverage level, exclusions, benefits, and waiting periods are where you’ll notice some of the biggest differences. It’s advisable to learn about insurance wording and processes before looking for an insurance plan. Without knowledge of insurance jargon or how insurance even works, you’ll have a hard time understanding the terms and conditions of your policy.
Fortunately, a reputable insurance broker like Pacific Prime can ensure you get the right level of outpatient coverage, as well as the best international health insurance plan for your needs and budget. Contact us for a free consultation and plan comparison today.


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