Five Things Newlyweds Need To Consider When Buying Health Insurance

Posted by PSR_AXP 19 mths ago

If you’ve recently tied the knot, there are some things you’ll need to do to make your next chapter as a married couple a smooth one. Marriage involves many changes, such as your names, addresses, and even your insurance policies.
Securing health insurance after marriage ensures both husband and wife are protected against any unexpected health problems in the future. But finding a health insurance plan that works for both parties can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Pacific Prime Hong Kong is here to share five important health insurance considerations for newlyweds.
Insurance tips for married couples
Whether you can add your spouse to your employer-provided group health plan or need to get individual health insurance, there are some things you should keep in mind.
1. What is your budget?
Newlyweds often ask insurers questions like “how much is health insurance for newlyweds” and “is health insurance cheaper if married”? Unfortunately, the answers are not so straightforward since premiums depend on several factors. Look at how much you’ve spent on healthcare in the past and determine how much you’re willing to spend on health insurance as a couple.

2. How often do you visit the doctor?
Consider how many times you’ve visited your GP for a hint at how often you’ll need to visit them in the future. If you go to the doctor frequently, then you might want to look into copayment. You’ll also want to look at whether you usually just go for checkups, have mental health visits, or need to see specialists often.
3. Do you have a family doctor?
If you and your partner have family doctors, then you’ll want to make sure that they are included in the insurer’s network of providers. If your healthcare provider isn’t part of the insurance provider’s network, it’s advisable to find out how much it will cost to see out-of-network doctors before making your decision.
4. Are you taking prescriptions?
Do you or your spouse have any conditions that require long-term prescriptions? If so, think about how much they cost, how often you need to take them, and if they are covered by your health insurance plan.
5. Will you have children?
If you’re planning on starting a family soon then you’ll want to look into benefits such as a maternity plan or family insurance to prepare. Maternity insurance has a waiting period, which means you have to wait until the period is over before your insurance will cover the costs, so it’s best to plan ahead.
The right insurance plan for you will depend on your needs and budget, though answering the questions above can help you find the ideal fit. One way to ensure you find the best health insurance plan in Hong Kong is to work with an insurance broker such as Pacific Prime Hong Kong. Contact us today for a free consultation and plan comparison.

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