Tips for raising multicultural kids in Hong Kong

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Living in a global city like Hong Kong means your children will come across people from all walks of life and cultures. As a parent, of course, you would want to raise your child to be accepting and happy. Here’s a rundown of 10 tips by our friends at Pacific Prime Hong Kong on raising multicultural kids in Hong Kong.
Who Are Multicultural Kids?
There are three kinds of multicultural kids. Your child would be considered multicultural if they have parents or grandparents from a different race or culture. For instance, you may be a Caucasian, and your spouse may be Asian. Having parents who grew up in a country different from their own also makes the child multicultural. Last but not least, a multicultural kid can simply be someone who is curious about the world.
How to Raise Multicultural Kids?
Multicultural families have a unique home environment perfect for teaching children about compassion towards others. These kids may look different, speak a different language, and/or be born in a different part of the world, but they know better than anyone that we are all the same underneath.
Thus, an integral part of raising multicultural kids is preparing your child for the question: What are you? With the following tips, help your little ones develop a healthy sense of cultural identity and belonging.
1. Make Cultural Learning Easy and Accessible
Take advantage of learning opportunities around you. Encourage your child to speak with relatives from both sides of the family, and read books in those languages and about their cultures. As food is an inseparable part of cultures, try out traditional dishes!
2. Learn Through Experience
Incorporate the senses for a fun and engaging cultural learning experience. For instance, if a festival is coming up, why not make an ornament for it as a family? Remember: the goal is to learn, perfection is secondary.
3. Celebrate Your Culture
Whatever excites you about your culture is worth sharing with your little ones, be it food from your culture or family traditions that have been passed down for centuries.
4. Create Your Own Family Culture
Understand that culture is constantly evolving. Aside from cultural traditions like food, songs, and stories, it is essentially how we live. Your children can learn to be proud of what makes them unique - their heritage.
5. Be Easy on Yourself
Raising multicultural kids looks different for everyone. What’s more, your children are not going to learn everything you want them to overnight. Remember that a portion of learning happens unseen. They are already absorbing so much just from watching you embrace your culture.
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